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£20.00 discount on 4 months vehicle rent
  • Flexible car renting terms
  • New Drivers welcome
  • No Age Restrictions
  • No Licence Restrictions
  • Help with arranging insurance
  • Valeted cars Ready for work
  • Unlimited Mileage options
  • Just been serviced
  • Serviced & Maintained Cars
  • MOT Every 6 Months
  • Serviced Every 10,000 miles
  • Safe roadworthy cars peace of mind for driver's

Contact: 07984933110
Minimum Rent Time: 3 Months or 12 weeks
PCO Car Rent Type: Toyota Prius
Price per week:£130
Year (age):2013 PLATE
Location of Car : HOUNSLOW LONDON
Mileage of PCO Hire Car : 85000

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Contact: 07984933110
Minimum Rent Time: 3 Months or 12 weeks
PCO Car Rent Type: Toyota Prius
Price per week:£130
Year (age):2013 PLATE
Location of Car : HOUNSLOW LONDON
Mileage of PCO Hire Car : 85000

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News and Info

Information for taxi and private hire

    All UK PCO vehicles licences are valid for duration of one year, these licenses are authorities by TFL in London, All Private Hire Vehicles are required to have valid license and ensure its renewal each year.

    Applying for Private Hire Vehicle license:

    • Ring (03432225555)the booking line to arrange for PCO inspection
    • Take your vehicle for an MOT no more than 14 days before the inspection.
    • Ensure your vehicles is insured and taxed on the day of the inspection.
    • Take your MOT certificate, insurance certificate and logbook to the inspection sites
    • If your car passes the inspection, you will be issued a license to allow you to use this particular vehicle for the Private Hire.
    • Take a copy and give to your minicab/ PCO operator along with valid insurance to be able to carry on working with that specific vehicle.

    PCO Inspection Centres

    To book your Vehicle inspection ring:03432225555
    These are the address for some of the inspection sites:

    • Enfield
      Unit 2
      Watermill Business Centre
      Edison Rd
      EN3 7XF

    • Staples Corner
      Unit 2, Aquarius Business Park, Staples Corner
      Priestly Way
      NW2 7AN

    • Crayford
      Unit Q1
      Acorn Industrial Park
      DA1 4AL

    • Canning Town
      1 North Crescent
      Canning Town
      E16 4TL

    • Coulsdon
      Unit B5
      Ullswater Crescent
      CR5 2HT

    • Heston
      20A Airlinks Industrial Estate
      Spitfire Way
      TW5 9NR

    Apply for your Private Hire Licence

    Before applying please check out the PCO license eligibility criteria

    • You have to be at least 21 years of age at the time of applying
    • You must hold a driving licence for over 3 years.
    • You must have the right to live and work in the U.K.
    • You must undergo an enhanced CRB check to check if you have any criminal convictions
    • You must be medically fit which means meeting the DVLA Group 2 standards.
    • A person such as you doctor (GP) with access to your full medical history will conduct a medical examination.

    Costs involved in getting you Private Hire driver’s license?

    • Application fee £250
    • CRB online application £55
    • CRB paper application £57
    • Post Office Check and Send £7.15
    • Medical check your will charge you a fees for the test

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    How long will it take to get a PCO license?
    It takes about 2-3 months to get PCO / Private Hire license

    You do not need MOT for brand new car when applying for Private Hire
    Since November 2013, TfL does not require brand new car to carry out MOT when applying for PCO license

    Changes to the CRB rules since August 2013

    • London Taxi and Private Hire will no longer have automatic access to CRB information. London Taxi and Private Hire  only gets the information when a driver applies for a new licence or renewal, is whether there is a ‘trace’ or ‘no trace’ on their CRB check
    • ‘No trace’ means the license application can proceed without any problems.
    • However where the CRB check throws up a ‘trace’ then London Taxi and Private Hire will write to the individual driver and ask for a copy of their CRB disclosure. It is the driver’s responsibility to send in their CRBs into London Taxi and Private Hire immediately to avoid delay in the license application.

    Time taken to renew  licence
    With the changes in the CRB checks since August 2013, the whole process is likely to take longer to issue new / renewal PCO driving licence. London Taxi and Private Hire will write to PCO drivers 4 months before their current licence runs out.

    Imported cars applying for PCO licence
    Vehicles which have been imported from outside the UK can be issued PCO licence as long as they meet the requirement set by TfL. Some requirements are that the car must be registered in the UK, less than 5 years old on the day of inspection, have Mph odometer and rear fog lights. These alterations must be in place and the MOT less than 14 days before presenting for inspection.

    Getting PCO license for 2010 car
    The requirements to PCO license a new car is that on the date of the inspection the car must be less than 5 years old. So you need to check on the v5 (logbook) of your vehicle what the 'Date of First Registration' was and then work out if it will be over the 5 year cut off.

    If it less than 5 years old then you should be ok to get a PCO license as long as you get the MOT (less than 14 days) on the date of inspection and the minicab insurance to go with the car you will be able to get your car licensed for the first time as a minicab.

The mayor is to create an excellent taxi and private hire market

    The Taxi and Private Hire Action Plan, which is launched by the mayor next to Transport for London (TfL), the action includes new clearly stated/particular measures to support taxi driverswho have licenses, and sets out plans that are high-reaching to improve public safety and alsoimprove London's air quality. TfL will open up an extra 20 bus lanes for use by taxis this year and is asking London Boroughs to think about access for taxis to a further 40 on roads they control oThe number of taxi ranks will also be increased by at least 20 per cent by 2020 (500 to 600) oThe use of new technology to provide customers with information to help connect them withtaxis more quickly and easily - adding taxi information to TfL's trip planner by summer 2017 The black cab trade will also be helped to become the greenest in the world. From next year, up to £5,000 will be available to drivers who throw out/cancel the oldest and most (adding unwanted things to/making dirty) taxis. A grant of £3,000 will be given towards the first 9,000 Zero Emission Capable taxis and TfL is asking theGovernment to (promise that something will definitely happen or that something will definitely work as described) the 'plugin car grant' for these vehicles, which would take the total grant to £7,500. From 1 January 2018 no more new diesel taxis will be licensed - helping to address London's poorair quality and tackle the unacceptably high number of people dying each year because of airpollution. The new plans include new 'zero emission' ranks for drivers who pioneer green technology next to a network of fast electric charge points. A voice for TfL added:
    New technology is ever-changing the means several Londoners access taxis and personal rent vehicles, conjointly the} Action arrange also addresses however regulation will be wont to guarantee safety standards area unit applied across the taxi and personal rent markets. A range of measures also are being introduced to reinforce public safety, several of those were printed within the recent personal rent rules review.
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Changes include:

  • A formal English language demand for all personal rent drivers
  • The provision of driver and vehicle details to customers, as well as a photograph of the motive force, before the beginning of every journey
  • Even a lot of strong insurance necessities Other new initiatives embody the multiplication the quantity of on-street compliance officers, with 250 a lot of dedicated officers on the streets by summer 2017 By summer next year, TfL will need that non-public rent drivers pass a sophisticated driving take a look at before they will be commissioned or relicensed.

How to appeal a parking ticket (PCN

  • These days it probably feels like the are more traffic wardens and CCTV cameras issuing PCN than there are cars on the roads! This is because these days it is much easier for local authorities to cash in by targeting on a large audience such as motorists who most of the time wont bother to appeal.
  • However if you are int the trade and your livelihood depends on it you want to know how to appeal any PCN which you feel has been issued either incorrectly or unjustly.
  • The process to appeal a PCN is pretty straight forward and you will in most cases do the following:
  • Step 1: Read the letter and check the date and time of the alleged offence occurring and check if you were the actual driver driving the vehicle. This is important now as a lot of PCO drivers are using the services of private hire rental companies.
  • Step 2: Fill in the section where it says ‘representation’ with your details: Name, Address, and tick the relevant box which best represents the reason you are claiming why the PCN is not valid. e.g You were not the owner of the vehicle at the time of the offence etc
  • Step 3: Sign and date the section and include any evidence you are sending to the relevant authorities. (Remember to only send out photocopies of documents and NOT originals as they will not be returned to you)
  • Step 4: Take a copy the whole pack (of paperwork) you are sending to the local authority and keep safely.
  • Step 5: If you can always send these recorded delivery to avoid the authorities saying they never received your representation.
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  • Important:Make sure you complete and send the representation within the 14 days period as otherwise the fine will double.

What happens after I send the representation?
Generally speaking the local authorities will acknowledge and write back to you to advise of their decision within 4 weeks. If they agree with your representation then they will advise so and cancel the fine and that will be the end of that. However if they disagree and maintain that the PCN is valid and you need to pay then you will have to make the payment within 7- 14 days (for most authorities) else you face the possibility of the fine doubling in value.

Minicab changes to PCO Insurance and Minicab operator

    TfL Board approves plans to modernise London’s private hire industry On 17 March, the Transport for London (TfL) Board approved new regulations that will raise standards in London’s private hire industry, making it safer and more convenient for customers. The measures were approved following an extensive consultation process that attracted more than 20,000 responses during the past year. The changes represent the first significant amendments to the private hire regulations since they were introduced. The regulations will remain under review to ensure that they keep pace with the changing industry and support a modern and thriving trade, given the technological innovations that have increased choice for customers in recent years. Full list of measures approved by TfL Board The full list of proposals – which all received majority support during the formal consultation process – is as follows:

  • Operators must have the facility to provide a booking confirmation to passengers containing the photo ID and details of the vehicle being used to discharge the booking where passengers are able to receive that information
  • Operators will be required to provide specified information to TfL at specified intervals including details of all drivers and vehicles registered with them
  • Operators must record the main destination for each booking before the journey commences
  • Operators to retain all records for a period of 12 months
  • TfL to control the names under which operators offer private hire services to the public
  • Private hire drivers to be required to demonstrate a certain standard of English.
  • Individual licence applicants to provide National Insurance numbers to TfL
  • A driver’s private hire vehicle licence to be considered for revocation if their private hire driver’s licence is revoked
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  • TfL will liaise with the Home Office on introducing DBS checks on private hire operator staff that have face to face contact with the public
  • TfL to stop accepting payment for licence fees by postal order and cheque
  • Drivers to carry or display a copy of insurance details at all times
  • Introduce new operator licence fee structure to better reflect operator licensing costs based on operator size. The specific revisions to the licence fee structure will be consulted on separately
  • Amendment of regulations to give TfL the power to control advertising displayed inside, from, or on the outside of a private hire vehicle
  • Operators will be required to notify TfL before changing their operating model
  • Operators must ensure that customers can speak to a real person in the event of a problem with their journey
  • Private hire operators must provide an estimated fare prior to the commencement of the journey
  • Hire and reward insurance will be required at the point of vehicle licensing, and for it to remain in place for the duration of the licence
  • Working with the Department for Transport to develop guidance on ridesharing A decision has been deferred on the proposal that TfL will no longer issue licence variations to private hire operator licenses to add a late-night or temporary event operating centres. More work will be undertaken on this point.

Make the most of your Driver

    Becoming an Uber driver is a great way to make a living on the roads of London. To make sure you’re maximising your earning potential on the platform, PCO Car Hire Car has some hints and tips to get the best out of your time on the road.

  • Time to work
    Firstly, it’s important to know when the best times to find clients are, as picking the wrong times to work will severely affect your income. The obvious choice is to work evenings and weekends, where the potential pickups will increase substantially.

  • Toilet breaks
    Without a proper fixed position, it can always be an inconvenience to find a public toilet nearby. Let technology help you by downloading some popular apps to your smartphone. The ‘Toilet Finder’ app is available on iOS and Android, It locates all toilet facilities around your GPS location, with more than 150,000 toilets in total.

  • Fines
    One issue that always get’s overlooked is fines. It’s such a shame to see drivers work hard only for them to pick up fines for silly things. Driving in London is a unique experience that requires skill and patience, especially during rush hour! And to avoid being penalised and caught out by camera hotspots, it’s best to know the road. We looked in depth at where our drivers where going wrong and we found the following common problems:
    Using Red Routes,Stopping at a box junction,Overstaying parking times

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  • Traffic
    Be smart on the road with real-time traffic updates to ensure you’re making a more efficient use of your time. We recommend to use the Waze app, which is very popular amongst Uber partners.

  • The pco car rental scheme
    So you’re equipped with the right apps and knowledge to get the best out of being an Uber driver, but are you on the right car hire scheme? Renting is perfect for new PCO drivers looking to gain experience, or those that just want to hire short term.

Best Smartphone for Taxi drivers

    To be a great PCO driver, you’re going to need the best technology to assist you. As many PCO cars don’t come with built-in satnav, using a smartphone is the next best thing. With so many phones out there on the market, it can be a daunting process to find the perfect phone for your job. Here are some of PCO Car Hire Car’s top picks:
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  • Iphone 7 Plus
    Gorgeous water resistant design – Dual camera and excellent specs
    Sleek design – Large screen ideal for finding locations
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    Premium design – Great camera – Fingerprint magnet
  • Android – Nexus 6P
    All metal design – Fingerprint scanner – Large screen
  • Motorola Moto G4
    Cheaper than the best sellers – Large screen – Reliable camera

  • Price
    obviously, you’ll want a solid phone that offers great features at a reasonable cost.
    Battery life
    while in your vehicle, you can keep your phone plugged in, however, it’s always best to own a phone that holds a charge.
    GPS capability
    this one is a no-brainer, as you need to get many individuals from point A to point B on a regular basis — GPS lag is something which you’ll want to avoid.
    Decent sized screen
    you don’t need to invest in an overly large screen, however, you should be able to see directions from your dash — as it’s safest to mount your phone.

Night Tube service is changing Taxi Journey

  • Since the introduction of the Night Tube service on the Victoria and Central lines, the journey passengers take to get home has altered significantly.
  • As expected, there has been a general decrease in the amount of pick ups in central, but what’s interesting to note is that pick ups from suburban stations has increased.
  • Passengers now use Uber to get from their final Tube stop to their home, with four in ten rides beginning or ending within 200 meters of a Tube station.
  • As public journeys change, so will that of PCO drivers. This may mean PCO drivers will leave zone 1 to find more work in the suburbs
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  • Uber says that it has seen an average of a 63 percent increase in Uber pickups from Night Tube stations, with some stations hitting the giddy heights of more than 300 percent. Across the board, Uber says that journeys starting within 200 meters of Night Tube stations have grown by 22 percent while the Night Tube is running.
  • So there we have it. Demand for work in the suburbs is increasing rapidly thanks for the introduction of the night tube, and PCO drivers might need to adjust their shifts and locations in order to meed the growing demand.